“Gapportunity” - The best time of your life!


This talk has everything to do with initiative and independence, and absolutely nothing to do with the often unnecessary expense and nannying of gap year organisations who most often do no more than anyone with a degree of initiative and some practical advice, based on a 40 year old gap year from me, can plan, budget and realise for themselves.

As a result you’ll return more mature, adaptable, self confident, and more able to take on Uni or the responsibilities of adult life. People will say to you “You’re really lucky to have done that!”, but it’s got nothing to do with luck, but everything to do with choice, preparation, and hard work for the fulfilment of a dream.

"Few, if any, speakers have made such an immediate and positive impact on the audience, you were the runaway highlight of the series, see you again next year..."

  1. -Murray Fowler, Wellington 01344 444000

"Hektor Krome is a guaranteed hit with all age groups with his infectious enthusiasm and terrific slides. Most schools are looking for speakers who can be relied on to educate as well as amuse, and the fact that he held rapt the attention of 200 VI formers, even at the end of a very busy and long term, says everything..."

- John Thornley, director of administration, Eastbourne college 01323 452314

"Of all the lectures, this is the one they remember the most... His message is simple and compelling; those who have followed his advice have returned wiser and fulfilled, having enjoyed an extraordinary and inexpensive experience."

- Jeremy hutchinson, careers, Dauntseys 01380 814539

"A thrilling and practical alternative to gap year organisations. Hektor krome amuses and motivates with superb photos, breathless style, and 40 years experience!"

- Neil morris, Hustpierpoint 01273 833636

"Truly inspirational! The response could not have been more positive. Krome is a man with a mission to entertain and educate in the truest sense of the word, and he does so magnificently. Excellent value for money!"

- Jenny Brown, Highgate

"Outrageous, unconventional, and inspiring. An entertaining rollercoaster in pursuit of the perfect gap year experience”

- Anthony Wallersteiner, Tonbridge

"The essential leaver's talk, highest recommendations from students and staff alike. Most inspirational entertaining and practical. If you only book one talk a year - this is it!"

- Tony Miller, Lancing College

"A stunning, inspirational talk, and later Hektor helped me plan my own adventure in the Himalayas during the Summer holidays"

- Colin Turley, Head boy, Wellington College

"You seriously blew my mind! Your talk was visionary, full of practical advice and encouragement. I cant wait for my gap year!”

- Matthew Singmin, Tonbridge

Gappers volunteering for free at the Hampi Children's Trust, a local charity, without the expense of an organisation.

“Hektor gave a talk at Uppingham, it was the best talk I’ve ever heard and I’ve never forgotten it! It inspired and gave me the confidence to organise my own gap year myself which was every exciting. I can honestly say it changed my life!”

-Bee Noel, Uppingham

It’s a Gap!

It’s an Opportunity!

It’s a Gapportunity!

For the past 20 years, these talks and my practical advice, and huge travel experience have encouraged thousands of leavers to get away, get a life, have a safe and unforgettable time, and to come back smiling and worldly wise.

There's never a dull moment... Wit, loads of practical experience and advice, and audience interaction is the name of the game for these talks. There are always masses of questions, and, most importantly, many stay behind to ask further questions and discuss their own plans. The talk is profusely illustrated with startling eye grabbing slides, updates and gripping yarns.

With the current dire economic situation, and the the burden of fees and the expense of gap year organisations ever increasing, it is more important than ever for young people to know that they can still take a break from the pressures of life, and to have a fabulously exciting and worthwhile time without unnecessary expense.

This talk will enable you to plan, budget, and realise your dreams.

To safely travel and volunteer for a fraction of the cost of the Organisations.

To return the envy of your friends with a memory that’ll last a lifetime, and the practical advantage of self confidence and Lifemanship, an advantage beyond examination results.

“An excellent and highly motivating talk, stunning photographs.”

- Michael Gove, MP Minister of Education (after my talk at the Oxford Group HMC)

Thank you for sharing such a refreshingly free and happy attitude towards life in general.

I greatly appreciated your advice about gap year, travelling, and organising things for yourself, and your positive approach was fantastic. It was so lovely after a day of talks from various companies charging a fortune for a

rather limited and packaged experience, to hear from someone with so much experience, wisdom and energy. I intend to use your website when planning such travelling of my own! Thanks again, and please keep doing such honest and enthusing talks!

- Daisy Crowfoot, Wellington College, Sept 2013